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 Customer testimony:

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the car - sadly I haven't had much of a chance to enjoy it yet due to work but I am looking forward to getting out in it when(if) the weather improves and getting to grips with it.
I also wanted to thank you for your service - your helpful, relaxed and friendly attitude was very refreshing ( I don't normally use 'dealers'!) - sufficed to say I could not recommend you enough.
Please feel free to post this on your website for 'promotional purposes' if you wish!
Andrew MacLean, October 2012


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aPorscha - Porsche Specialist


About Us

I am a long standing Porsche enthusiast and I have owned numerous Porsches over the last 20 years.  The initial reason I chose Porsches, besides the sheer pleasure and performance. Was due to their low depreciation, reliability, relatively low running costs and the availabilty of cars from a relatively low cost. Like a number of enthusiasts, I started with a 944S2 and in time worked my way up to a 993 Turbo only using my company car allowance. I am now into my 7th year of trading as a Porsche specialist based from my home.

The cars are all presented in a condition that I would expect, if I owned the car privately with no outstanding repairs for you to find.  Our vehicles are looked after and serviced by Northway's, Porsche Specialists near Reading, one of the best known independant specialists in the country, who have been around for well over 25 years. The cars are all initially inspected by myself and then rechecked and everything repaired within reason by Northways before sale. If you see a car "on its way" in my for sale section, its because they are  being checked,  repaired as necessary, serviced and possibly MOT'd by them.

We are conveniently situated South of Witney in Oxfordshire close to Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire. 

All the cars are meticulously cleaned by myself inside and out using Autoglym products that can be purchased anywhere by yourself, or maintained  with Zymol when appropriate.  This means no special car care products and means that you can prepare and maintain them to the same standards that you view them using the same products.

Whether you are interested in our stock or just want to talk to a fellow enthusiast for information, or advice, please feel free to ring.  I offer a very personal service with no pressure to buy.


The plan is that I specialise as much as possible  in air cooled 911's  in particular the 993 and 964 models, interspersed with 996 Turbo's and 997 Turbo's and of course the occasional trade in. Why the 964, 993 and Turbo's in particular, because of their reliabilty,  no depreciation, and the last of the hand built air cooled Porsches.

All cars are generally sold with 12 months warranty with a £5000/claim limit, lengthy MOT or remainder of the MOT.  The 12 month warranty can be extended to 2 years for a reasonable cost and the warranty company will extend for further periods of time on the annual renewal. Please note with the changes to the RFL made by the government, I am now having to leave the taxing of the vehicles to the new owners.


Fully detailed advertisments can be found  on :- 

www.CarAndClassic.co.uk    and http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/dealer/620508

as this site is designed and maintained by myself and unfortunately I am unable to get the required level of detail onto my  own site.


The 12 month warranty is supplied by WMS Group and is the 4 star coverage irrespective of the age or mileage of the Porsche , most cars are sold with a 12 months warranty with a £5000/claim limit.  The warranty can be extended to 2 years for a reasonable cost by myself or they will offer to extend the policy on an ongoing annual basis. In 2014 they were awarded the best insurance warranty company in the trade.



Is strictly by appointment only, to suit your needs, including Saturdays,  most Sundays and more often than not bank holidays!

Part Exchange

Please contact us with the full details and specification of your car that you wish to exchange, preferably a Porsche and we will endeavor to give you a better than average price.

Purchasing Cars, Cars Wanted

Having low overheads allows me to pay better than average prices for new stock and I am very selective about my stock. If you have a 993 for sale give me a ring please.


Most of my stock qualifies for Classic Insurance policies where you do not need to use your existing NCD. Typical prices ares between £300 and £400 pa 

Delivery of cars

I am finding as part of the high standard of personal service that  I am quite often getting involved with delivering the cars directly to the customers and in severel cases unseen before purchase.

My Car History

I personally have owned a variety of Porsches over the last 15 years ranging from 944S2, 944 Turbo,  various 911's including 964 Targa, 964 Cabriolet, 993 Targa, 993 Cabriolet, 993 C4S Coupe, Cayenne, 996 Turbo and my personal favourite a 993 Turbo, pictured above and used in my site ID.